Summoning the Storm

With a husband and two children to care for, dark magic is only one of Moira's many worries... Book 3 in the Selkie Kingdom series follows the story of Cormac's sister Moira.

Due for release August 2018

Magic & Myth

The Selkie Kingdom Series

The Wild and Lonely Sea

Just her luck to be captured by pirates... A month before her wedding, Lisbetta turns her life upside down. A seal shape-shifter, she has been raised to rule the ocean. But what she really wants is to walk on land - and her dream is finally coming true. Just not quite as she imagined it. She can shift her shape from human to seal. She can control the winds and the waves. But will that be enough? If she remains trapped on land, her kingdom will fall. If she returns to the sea, she will lose everything - and everyone - she cares about. Unfortunately, eighteenth-century Scotland is a dangerous place for magical creatures, whatever shape they wear. As she face pirates, dark magic, and betrayal, how can Lisbetta find her way home? Magic isn't everything. Power doesn't guarantee happiness. The Wild and Lonely Sea is a historical fantasy inspired by Scottish fairy tales.

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Kingdom of the Sea

What good was this entire kingdom, with all its silver and gold, if it could not bring Lisbetta back? Cormac thought he could create a life that was normal. For seven years, he has lived alongside his shape-shifter selkie wife, Lisbetta. But now she is missing, and he has no idea where to turn. Plunged...

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