Black magic and dark science in the mysterious world of Victorian England...

Due for release May 2018

Magic & Myth

The Selkie Kingdom Series

The Wild and Lonely Sea

  FREEDOM COMES AT A HEAVY COST. Desperate to escape from her duties as heir to the throne, selkie princess Lisbetta decides to run away. But the human world she finds waiting for her is not at all what she expected... Combining historical romance with Scottish folklore, The Wild and Lonely Sea is the first book in the Selkie Kingdom series.

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Kingdom of the Sea

What good was this entire kingdom, with all its silver and gold, if it could not bring Lisbetta back? Cormac thought he could create a life that was normal. For seven years, he has lived alongside his shape-shifter selkie wife, Lisbetta. But now she is missing, and he has no idea where to turn. Plunged...

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