8 Beautiful Selkie Gifts

If you’ve looked at my website or books at all, you’ll already know that I love selkies and all things connected to selkie legends. After all, I am partway through writing a selkie fantasy series!

Selkies, for those of you who’ve never heard of them, are seal shape-shifters who appear in Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian folklore. They usually appear as beautiful women who are able to slip out of their sealskins and take on human form. In many stories, these selkie women are so beautiful that men who see them fall in love on the spot and plot ways to keep their selkie-wife – but the stories rarely have a happy ending…

Anyway, I’ve been fascinated by the selkie legend for years, but I only just realised how many people are making beautiful items inspired by selkies! This list of 11 beautiful selkie gifts is entirely from Etsy and doesn’t even include artwork – that’s a whole blog post in its own right. Have a look through the list and let me know which selkie gift is your favourite!

Siren Sea Soak

Selkie gift 1

This bath or foot soak says that it will ‘calm, hydrate and restore your inner Selkie.’ What more could you ask for?

Selkie Necklace

Selkie Gift 2

This beautiful necklace combines human and seal in one image. They have a swan maiden version too – I’m tempted to buy both…

Selkie Perfume Oil

Selkie gift 3

Inspired by the sea, this perfume oil sounds like my ideal scent.

Seal Mirror

Selkie gift 4

What a beautiful little mirror! Practical and selkie-inspired: definitely a winner.

Selkie Seal Mug

Selkie gift 5

No gift list would be complete without a mug! But this one has a selkie on it, so it’s better than any other mug (except my special turtle mug, which I am utterly loyal to).

Selkie Herbal Detangler

Selkie gift 6

As someone who loved selkies and has horrendously tangle-prone hair, I am super excited to try this. Alas, delivery to the UK is rather a lot. Next time I’m in the US, perhaps!

Selkie Oil

Selkie gift 7

This face serum sounds wonderful, and the shop is full of foklore-inspired beauty products. I didn’t even know that was a niche, but I’m very glad it is!

Selkie Soap

Selkie gift 8

Selkies are presumably all very clean and sweet-smelling creatures if they use this handmade soap!


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