Isobel Robertson

Writer and Creator

I'm a historical fantasy author, creator of the Selkie Kingdom series and Witchfog.

Fantasy Worlds
Publications and Upcoming Releases

I have two different series of books available for sale:

  • The Selkie Kingdom, a fantasy series based on the selkie legends found in Scotland, Ireland, and Scandinavia
  • Witchfog, a Victorian Gothic paranormal romance series

And there's more on the way!

  • Summoning the Storm due for release August 2018
    The third book in the Selkie Kingdom series is almost ready for publication!
  • Witchfog released, May 2018
    It's time for a new series! The selkies will return later this year, but first comes the launch of Witchfog, a Gothic paranormal romance series.
  • Kingdom of the Sea released, Feb 2018
    The second Selkie Kingdom book, Kingdom of the Sea, was released on Amazon just a few months later.
  • The Wild and Lonely Sea released, Dec 2017
    The first book in the Selkie Kingdom series was published exclusively on Amazon.
  • Lady of the Icy Shores released, Nov 2017
    This free novella, a prequel to the Selkie Kingdom series, was released across a number of platforms.


I've written for as long as I remember - and fantasy has always been my favourite! Now, I write every day, bringing my ideas to life!


I love to read and usually get through a few books a week. I publish a lot of reviews on Goodreads, so make sure to follow me there!


I love to travel - I've found inspiration in all kinds of places! Keep up with my travels by following me on Instagram.

Famous Lines

My favourite first line from a book is, 'The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there', from The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley.

Say Hello

I love to hear from my readers, and have an active Insiders' Club and Advance Reader team. Say hello by emailing me at

Kindle Readers

I am a HUGE fan of Kindle books - I love having an entire library on my phone! That's why I make sure that all of my books are shared in a way that you can read on any device.