How to Get Free Fantasy Books

If you’re a big bookworm, you’ve probably come up against a big problem… books cost a lot of money. We’d all love to have free books, but writers do have to eat! When money’s a little tight, though, there are ways to get your fantasy fix for free. Here are some of my top suggestions for getting free fantasy books.

(Throughout this post, please remember that I am not suggesting that authors should give away their books, or that illegal downloads are ok!)

Free fantasy books 1

1) Check out the Kindle ‘free’ section regularly. You can find free fantasy Kindle books here, free YA fantasy here, and free paranormal romance here. Want more? Each category has a top paid and free section – just navigate to your favourite book, click on the link to the category (under the book details) then click across to the free section.

Some of the books in this section are permanently free, while others are free as part of a short-term promotion. Unfortunately, that means that not all countries have access to the same free books. But there should be at least a few free books for you, wherever you are!

2) Join Instafreebie. It’s an entire website dedicated to free books! Lots require you to sign up for an author’s mailing list – which, if you enjoy the book, might be a great way to stay in touch with a favourite new author.

3) Join authors’ mailing lists. Instafreebie isn’t the only way to sign up for an author’s mailing list – and a lot of authors offer free books for subscribers. Keep an eye out for links at the back of ebooks; there will often be a way to sign up for a mailing list and get a bonus novel or short story as a thank-you. This is a great way to get extra material from your favourite authors! You can join my list here to receive a free copy of my novella Lady of the Icy Shores.

4) Read advance review copies. Reviews are very important in online book sales, so most authors have a team of advance reviewers who receive the book before it’s published and post their reviews on publication day. If you get on one of these teams, you might receive all the author’s future books for free!

But how to join an advance review team? Lots of authors advertise through their mailing list, so sign up for a few and check your emails regularly so that you don’t miss out. Other authors might be happy to sign you straight up! If you’d like to join my advance review team, you can sign up for my list here. I’m always looking for enthusiastic new reviewers!

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5) Join review websites. If you aren’t sure where to start with advance reviews, or want to try lots of different books, there are websites to help you with this. Places like AuthorsXP link authors with potential reviewers, who receive free ebook copies of books. Sign up for a few of these and you’re bound to have a steady stream of new reading material.

6) Goodreads giveaways. Unfortunately, these giveaways are now only open to readers in the USA – but if that’s you, this is an amazing way to get free books from indie authors and big publishers alike.

7) Launch your own book review blog, bookstagram, or booktube. Social media is completely changing the world of book marketing – and if you’re influential, publishers and authors want to work with you. Even a few hundred readers or followers can be enough to land you free books, as authors hope that your recommendation will drive sales. I know I’m always looking to work with book Instagrammers, and the big publishers are just as keen. Build up your blog and social media now and you may receive a lot of free fantasy books in future!

(This is also the best method if you prefer physical books to ebooks)

Of course, don’t forget that authors aren’t making money for free books. Help them out! Write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Share it with your friends. Maybe even buy the sequel! I can assure you that the author really appreciates your help, however small it is.

And enjoy your new books!

What’s your favourite way to find free fantasy books?

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