Kingdom of the Sea


What good was this entire kingdom, with all its silver and gold, if it could not bring Lisbetta back?

Cormac thought he could create a life that was normal. For seven years, he has lived alongside his shape-shifter selkie wife, Lisbetta. But now she is missing, and he has no idea where to turn.

Plunged into the strange world of Lisbetta’s underwater home, how can Cormac find his wife when he has no allies and no one to trust?

As he finds himself torn between land and sea, he begins to realise that nothing is what it seems. Can he even trust himself? With the stakes growing higher and higher, and old enemies closing in all around, Cormac is forced to question everything he thought he knew.

“The time has come for a new dawn in our kingdom of the sea.”

Kingdom of the Sea, Book 2 in the Selkie Kingdom series, continues the story of Lisbetta and Cormac as they try to find a balance between eighteenth-century Scotland and the legendary underwater kingdom of the selkies.

Kingdom of the Sea blends history, fantasy, folklore and romance in the style of Susanna Kearsley, Juliet Marillier, and Bethany Claire.

The story continues in Summoning the Storm, due for release in summer 2018.


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