Wolfdark and Waxheart

It’s been a while since I updated anything on this blog – but that means I have two lots of good news at once! The Witchfog series has two new additions: Wolfdark and Waxheart. Here’s a little bit about them both…


Lily Gabriel expected a busy winter, but this is ridiculous. Keeping her magic secret from her witch-hating fiance – that’s one thing. But a vicious wolf roaming the streets of London? Too far.
When a magical wolf crashes into a London ballroom, the social season suddenly gets exciting. Now, Lily finds herself torn between keeping her secrets and doing whatever she can to keep her friends safe.
In this sequel to Witchfog, follow Lily and Theo on their adventures around London. They are joined by a cast of new characters – and plenty of secrets…

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It’s hard to have a peaceful Christmas when witches surround the house, and the dead keep on rising…

Lily Gabriel returned to her family home with the intention of relaxing and recovering. But someone wants to drive her away – and they will do whatever it takes. As Lily learns that nothing is what it seems, can she find a way to protect what she loves?

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The full Witchfog series is now available on Kindle Unlimited, so it’s time to get reading! If you haven’t tried Book 1 yet, you can read it here: Witchfog.

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